We are a dedicated team to make your experience enjoyable and profitable in the long term. Whatever its use and model, we know that your vehicle must be reliable, safe and fun to drive. At Centre Mécanick Potter, you are at right place. A company based on good principles. We take the time to explain to you, to demonstrate and properly diagnose the repairs necessary to maximize your investment in your vehicle.

To be able to offer a service that meets your expectations, we continually invest in tools and materials

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technology to monitor the market. Several training and extensive facilities enable us to accomplish our tasks more efficiently and fast.

Nick Potter had the honor of creating this company with the assistance of his family, friends, professionals and providers who have always supported with respect and trust. The team therefore forms a single whole

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We are proud to welcome you to our family of satisfied customers.

Hope to meet you soon,

Nick and Alex Potter


Poses and tire sales of all brands available

Air conditioning and heating system

Performance modifications, special projects

General mechanics, periodic maintenance

Diagnosis, injection, electronic


Suspension and steering

Exhaust system, welding

Bodywork, paint

Braking system

Engine, transmission, 4x4

Floor reconstruction

Great interest in antique vehicles and restoration of classic cars. We have ability to bring new technology to vintage vehicles. Get in touch !



Centre Mécanick Potter Inc.

223 Boul.St-Luc
St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Qc


Office 450-376-9197
Cell phone 514-829-9197