In any case, we must be aware that Kiel can come to the Palau and win us

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In any case, we must be aware that Kiel can come to the Palau and win us

In any case, we must be aware that Kiel can come to the Palau and win us

On the keys to the clash, Pascual is clear that they will have to set the rhythm of the clash if they want to have options to achieve victory.

"What we have to do is take the game to what interests us, to our game model and try to set a high pace and be well on defense to be able to run in attack. They know us perfectly, we know what they will do to us, but they also know what we can do to them; here there are no secrets or surprises", summarized.

FC Barcelona Lassa continues to plan for the future and this Wednesday announced the extension and improvement of the French Dika Mem’s contract until June 2024.


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David rubio

The right-back arrived at the club in the summer of 2016 from Tremblay and finished his contract in 2022, but the club has considered it vital to shield him.

At the age of 20, Dika Mem has become one of the team’s benchmarks and one of the most coveted pieces by big clubs like PSG, who were eager to get him back for Ligue 1.

This announcement adds to the renewal of key players for the team led by Xavi Pascual such as Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas, Raúl Entrerríos, Aitor Ariño, Timothey N’Guessan and the other ‘baby’ Aleix Gómez.

speak dika mem

"I want to thank the club for this confidence it gives me and my teammates, who are always by my side. When I arrived two years ago, I said I was coming to Barça to win, but above all to keep learning", Dika Mem has commented on the club’s website after signing her new contract.

"I’m very comfortable with the team and with the coach. I want to show that even though I am 20 years old (he will turn 21 on August 31), I can help the team and I hope to continue on this path", said the absolute international ‘bleu’.

Finally, Dika Mem reiterated her desire to win her first European Cup as soon as possible. "Raising the Champions League would be a dream on a personal level and also for the whole team", the French wonder has ended.

barrufet, satisfied

The section’s sports manager, David Barrufet, has congratulated himself on an important negotiation that confirms the Barça future of one of the best young players on the planet.

"Dika has done very well in these two seasons, has improved a lot and has become an essential piece for the team and also highly coveted by other clubs", explained the Barça exporter.

Dika Mem, Barcelona’s new French bet

Dika Mem: "I have seen many videos of comebacks at the Palau"

Therefore, it was necessary to get down to work to avoid surprises. "The reason for the extension is that it has been earned. In addition, in this way we have been able to raise the termination clause to prevent any club from taking it away from us", Barrufet sentenced.

FC Barcelona will host THW Kiel this Thursday (8:45 pm Esport3 live) in what will be the repetition of one of the great European classics just seven days after the duel at the Wunderino Arena.


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Àngels Fàbregues @afabregues

Things went very well in German lands for the Catalans, who achieved a comfortable victory if we take into account the rival, the circumstances and the important casualties with which the team traveled. That 26-32 should not hide the potential of a rival who will arrive injured and looking for a victory to continue opting to finish among the first two. 

Currently Kiel is fourth with only seven points and a new defeat could definitely remove him from those two places that give direct access to rooms. Much better has Barça, which leads Group B with 12 points in six games and today could put the ground in between with respect to its most immediate pursuer. 

Golden opportunity

And the thing is that Telekom Veszprém (11) suffered an unexpected defeat on their track yesterday against an excellent Aalborg (30-32) and could be three points behind the Barcelona fans. Both have pending the duel in the Hungarian fief of the fifth day, which was postponed due to the cases of Covid-19 in a Barça team that had to quarantine.

The Barça, pending of Petrus and Cindric

So while there is still a world in the group stage that has just covered its equator, the truth is that if Barça beat Kiel today it would complicate the Germans’ options a lot and would almost leave the fight for the first two places in one fight with Veszprém and Aalborg. 

Although the locals completed their last training session for the game on Wednesday, ‘Pasqui’ still does not have the OK to have Thiagus Petrus and Luka Cindric, both injured and absent in the Wunderino Arena game. Until this noon, at which time the summoned list will be announced, it will not be known if both players have been discharged.

On the German side, the eight goals against Coburg on Saturday by the young Swedish winger Oskar Sunnefeldt, (a goal against Barça) and the three by the left-handed winger Sven Ehrig, who did not play on Thursday, are two assets that the coach and former Barça player Filip Jicha hopes to use at Palau, where Kiel have not won since October 11, 2009 (27-30). 

Xavi Pascual, without trusts

The Barça coach is convinced that Kiel will complicate things a lot on Thursday night at the Palau despite what happened seven days ago in a duel in which Barça goalkeeper Kevin Möller made a sensational match.

Aron Palmarsson is having an excellent season | EFE

“I hope for a different game. When two teams of this level play, anything can happen and there can be any score. Kiel is an extraordinary team and they require us to be 100% if we want to win ”, the Barça exporter commented in the preview.  

Pascual remembered that winning "It would mean, apart from the four points you get from them, having the ‘goal-average’ won. In any case, we must be aware that Kiel can come to the Palau and win us. And do it with six goals like we did there ”.

Möller leads Barça to a prestigious triumph

Paschal: "We have played an extraordinary game"

For his part, the Slovenian right winger Blaz Janc believes that it will be "a tough game, but we are ready. The most important thing will be our defense and running a lot. Kiel are one of the best teams, but we have worked well this week for a great game".

FC Barcelona continues to prepare for the game against Kiel on Thursday (8:45 pm) at the Palau, with the question of whether it will be able to count on Thiagus Petrus and Luca Cindric, both injured. 

11/24/2020 at 6:42 PM CET

Àngels Fàbregues @afabregues

The Brazilian is the one who has the most options to be able to enter Xavi Pascual’s list for the Champions League match. The injury to the intercostal muscles evolves on schedule and today’s training, last before the match against Kiel, will determine if the Brazilian is discharged.

More complicated is the Croatian central defender, who suffered a sprain to the internal lateral ligament of his right knee in the Kiel game and comes very close to Thursday’s duel against the Germans. Your chances of getting on the list are slim right now.

Möller leads Barça to a prestigious triumph

Risk free

What is clear is that Xavi Pascual will not want to take any risks with any of his players in the recovery phase. Against Kiel, Barça overcame Petrus’s absence to perfection by playing a double pivot in defense combining Fàbregas, Sorhaindo and Frade, something that worked throughout the game, which Barça ended up winning (26-32) largely thanks to to the great performance of goalkeeper Kevin Möller.

The Barça coach will give the list this Thursday at noon, which still gives him a day of margin to see how his pupils evolve.

Slight advantage of Barça in the face to face

Test of enormous height for Barça in Kiel … without Thiagus Petrus

Paschal: "We have played an extraordinary game"

This Thursday will be the 27th time that the two teams meet in European competition and Barça has a slight advantage of 13 wins to Kiel’s 11. On two occasions they ended in a draw.

Seven days later Barça and Kiel meet again in the Champions League, although this time at the Palau Blaugrana as the setting. A duel in which Xavi Pascual’s men hope to repeat the victory achieved in Germany (26-32) to remain undefeated and put distance from their pursuers in group B.


On 11/27/2020 at 08:38 CET

Especially considering the defeat that Vézsprem, second in the group, suffered yesterday against Aalborg at home (30-32). Kiel is expected to have more of a battle today as a loss could make the situation much more difficult for them. Right now they are fourth with seven points on their locker.

“I hope for a different game. When two teams of this level play, anything can happen"explained the ‘Barça coach in the previous match. Both teams have met 24 times with a balance of 13 wins to 11 for Barça.

For this match, Xavi Pascual recovers Thiagus Petrus although he will not be able to count on the injured Luka Cindric yet, still recovering from his sprain of the internal lateral ligament of his right knee.

The meeting will begin at 8:45 p.m. and we will tell you live on



For our part, this has been it. We hope you have enjoyed this European handball classic. Good evening!


Equalized until practically the end this duel in which the Germans have been more comfortable than in the one seven days ago on their track. Key to the performance of the two goalkeepers and also the end of a Makuc that has a lot to say in this team.


The game is over. Barça, after seven games played – it must recover a postponed due to coronavirus – remains undefeated in this Champions League and hits the tab in group B where it stands as the outstanding leader.

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